Travelution 2012

It was a working day like any other in a market research institute in Frankfurt am Main. At least the supervisors gave me the permission to read books while working. Reading those books only amplified my desire for discovering remote places. All kinds of things reminded me of the most recent journey "Stairway to Heaven", which found its heavenly end in the north of Pakistan.


Back to normal life: The next potential interviewee picks up the phone. With an annoyed voice he utters insulting sentences that redirect my focus on the book again. For some, I already was a "Globetrotter", for others I was just a market researcher without many perspectives. Both were right in some ways. It was about time to find a way to continue working, while at the same time perpetuating the travel adventures.  


A colleague brings me back to reality and starts a conversation with me. It was just a usual small talk, until she mentioned a job as a market researcher that allows you to work from home. This implies that theoretically you can work from any location in Germany, as long as you have a good internet connection. As a matter of fact, it could also be possible to work from all kinds of locations within Europe. After studying some technical details and elaborating the potential possibilities, the big question was, whether it would be possible to work from any location worldwide. Ironically, it was this very simple job that opened new doors. It was time for 'travelutionary' changes.

Travel Projects

I.    Around the World (2010)                                                           

II.   Stairway to Heaven (2011)

III.  Travelution (2012)

IV.  Era of Epicness (2013)

V.   Emergency Exits (2014)

VI.  The Slippery Path of Uncertainty (2015)

VII. Age of Turbulence (2016)

VIII. Against All Odds (2017)

IX.  Evasive Maneuvers (2018)

 X.  Home is Everywhere (2019)

XI. ??? (2020)