An Almost Typical Middle East Discussion

Mr. Noname: It's so terrible to see how many innocent people are being killed! We must do something about it!


Mr. Rational: It is without a doubt morally disputable, but you start being too emotional. I don't think that we should take any sides. We must stay objective and neutral.


Mr. Noname: What do you mean by staying 'objective' and 'neutral'?


Mr. Rational: To look at the mistakes on both sides without being biased.


Mr. Noname: Does "looking at the mistakes on both sides" imply that both sides are to be held accountable in the same way even if there are disproportions regarding the crimes that have been committed?


Mr. Rational: No, but it is irrational to take sides here.


Mr. Noname: What do you mean by taking sides?


Mr. Rational: To favorize one side based on ideology.


Mr. Noname: So do you think that I cannot draw an objective conclusion that is in favor of one side?


Mr. Rational: Well in this case it is both sides! What are you trying to say. Are you taking sides?


Mr. Noname: I have come to a conclusion and this is in favor of one side.


Mr. Rational: THIS IS TOTALLY IRRATIONAL! I can imagine who you are siding with. Actually I decided to ignore such typical and futile discussions. But now I want to know. Who are you siding with?


Mr. Noname: I am siding with those who are being oppressed.


Mr. Rational: Tell me exactly who you are siding with??


Mr. Noname: With all innocent victims that suffer.




Mr. Noname: To be more precise, I totally condemn the fact that a group causes terror by driving innocent people out of their homes. I condemn the instrumentalization of religion for the sake of creating a state in order to achieve your own political goals. And I think that you should agree that we cannot recognize such a state. I support those who are oppressed and who take weapons to resist against those who have driven them out of their homes. Some of them may commit despicable acts, and of course there are radicals on the other side and there will be more radicals soon, for they have been radicalized because of the fact that they have been driven out of their homes and their loved ones have been killed in the first place, and this itself was a radical and inhumane measure that will only lead to more radicalization of those who are being oppressed, which is not beneficial for anyone in that region. So I refuse to condemn radical measures more than the radical measure that has caused such radical measures. And it is always a radical measure to drive innocent people out of their homes.


Mr. Rational: So you think that Israel is a terrorist state!


Mr. Noname: Mr. Rational, it is quite interesting that you mention Israel in this context, when I was all the time referring to the 'Islamic State'!"

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