Around the World (2010)

    * 12 Flights * 10 Countries * 4 Continents * Six Weeks *

The first travel project "Around the World" was initiated on April 1st, 2010. According to the plan, within six weeks ten countries on four continents should be visited. The world trip triggered a series of travel projects in the following years. The memoirs of these times describe the impressions and stories of an unexperienced and chaotic young man, whose aim was to discover this world.


This account of a journey is a story of a traveller, who had the privilege to fulfill the dream of making the 'Around the World'-experience, despite of being financially restricted. Hopefully, this account will encourage its readers not to be intimidated by financial circumstances or social pressure.

Travel Projects

I.    Around the World (2010)                                                           

II.   Stairway to Heaven (2011)

III.  Travelution (2012)

IV.  Era of Epicness (2013)

V.   Emergency Exits (2014)

VI.  The Slippery Path of Uncertainty (2015)

VII. Age of Turbulence (2016)

VIII. Against All Odds (2017)

IX.  Evasive Maneuvers (2018)

 X.  Home is Everywhere (2019)

XI. ??? (2020)