Around the World was the travel project that started the whole Travelution. It is the shortest project of them all and the only project that I had with support of a travel agency. The challenge was to travel around the world within six weeks, taking 12 flights, visiting 10 countries on four continents. But apart from the travel experience, many moments were also personal, as I would see many familiar faces, of which I thought that I would never see them again, making this around the world trip a journey to the past as well, whereas in other countries I would for the first time be all by myself.

         Prologue: How Far Would You Go?


1. Ground Zero
2. Love Thy Neighbor
3. Straight Into Compton
4. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
5. Down Under
6. On My Own
7. Lost and Found
8. On Top of the World Again
9. Back to the Roots
10. Ancient Scriptures
11. Return to Europe
12. The Scars of Sarajevo
13. Let it Rain



One Last Show

Rock Bottom

Travel Projects

I.    Around the World (2010)                                                           

II.   Stairway to Heaven (2011)

III.  Travelution (2012)

IV.  Era of Epicness (2013)

V.   Emergency Exits (2014)

VI.  The Slippery Path of Uncertainty (2015)

VII. Age of Turbulence (2016)

VIII. Against All Odds (2017)

IX.  Evasive Maneuvers (2018)

 X.  Home is Everywhere (2019)

XI. ??? (2020)