Russian Roulette - Barnaul

Initially the idea was to start in St. Petersburg and moscow, before heading eastwards, but I didnt find a good offer from Bishkek back to Moscow. Instead I found a good price for a flight to Novosibirsk. From there I saw that it is only a few hours away from the Altai Republic, and even though time was not enough to rexplore gorno altai, I figured it would be a good idea to explore two Siberian cities.


The eye-catching green Siberian Airlines plane takes me from Bishkek to Novosibirsk. At the customs control I have to wait until I get my passport back. I am already expeting an interrogation. After a while, two officials ask me to enter their office, where they ask me several questions. They asked me about a relative of mine who lives in Texas, who sent me "showers of blessings" on my sms, which they may have interpreted as a suspicious cryptic message, and then they asked me about other individuals such as the beautiful "spy" Anastasiia Koval. They also ask me if I work at the Bundesnachrichtendienst or have friends who work in this German intelligence agency. Eventually they are convinced that I am telling the truth and welcome me to Russia. At the Novosibirsk bus station you it is a dark atmosphere, and not only because it is night. I can easily feel that I stand out. People here look at me very curiously. The bus station is full f signs describing how to act in case of a terror attack, there is even a kind of humorously made cartoon video playing on the scren and explaining what can happen in case of a terror attack. Some taxi drivers explain to me that there is a bus heading to barnaul, but the price is much higher than I had expected, probably because they want to earn something and take a part of the money from the driiver. I am thinking about taking a hostel her. A Babushka asks me something and I tell her Im not from here, Im thinking baout going to Barnaul or staying here. The drivers interfere, afraid to lose a potential source of income, but the swet old lady says "but he is thinking about staying here and right across is a guest house, how much does it cost?".... "100 dollars", they exaggerate, while their facial expression showws how unhappy they are about the fact that that Babushka is so caring. EventuallyI only pay half the price and reach the first ddestination: Barnaul.


The first hostel is bad, as there is a curfew, but they guy is nice. For a small price he also drives me around and during the small tour he takes the opportunity to fetch his cute little daughter. 2giz and Russians skills help so much. Change the hostel, where a very attactive woman is working, whom I invite to have a Pizza. What a shame that she will be working here again only in a couple of days when I will head back to Sibirsk.


On Instagram I checked the smoke club, where nothing is going on but nice place,quite new, old soviet games.



XXXX club despite of dresscode they et me inside, sexy dancers, karaoke bar. Man tells me how he met imam. Sing katyusha with the locals.

9th of may ads. beautiful surise upon arrival, beautiful church. To the fortress, view on barnaul


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