An English man, who tries to convince me that Islam is a religion of hate and violence, the more he drinks until he eventually passes out.


Staying in Tseri. In Nicosia I cross the Turkish border. A local tells me how all the problems started because of refugees. In Cyprus, my impression was that many people oppose the welcoming stance towards refugees. No wonder, they are already partially occupied by Turkey. Their history shows them that having too many foreigners in their own country is a threat to their national security. Germany's history is of course different. Many people tend to welcome all kinds of people after the NAZI regime was not only discriminating against, but exterminating a religious minority.


My stay in Nicosia for the most part is not too spectacular. But at the weekend I head to a place that is cknown as one of the big party strong holds of Europe. Once I reach Agia Napa, I directly head to Nissy Beach, the most famous beach here, where people dance in a foam party. A lot of naked skin and alcohol, as well as loud bass music to my left, and beautiful and crystal clear water to my right.






Travel Projects

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