Getting Ready for 'Episode VII'


A traveler's "Episode VII": Click here and press start.

Apart from the new project, many more articles on the previous six travel projects will follow soon. Small parts of the collection are available in the links below.


2010 - Around the World

2011 - Operation Stairway to Heaven

2012 - Travelution

2013 - Era of Epicness

2014 - Emergency Exits

2015 - Venture Capital Plan

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Travel Projects

I.    Around the World (2010)                                                           

II.   Stairway to Heaven (2011)

III.  Travelution (2012)

IV.  Era of Epicness (2013)

V.   Emergency Exits (2014)

VI.  The Slippery Path of Uncertainty (2015)

VII. Age of Turbulence (2016)

VIII. Against All Odds (2017)

IX.  Evasive Maneuvers (2018)

 X.  Home is Everywhere (2019)

XI. ??? (2020)