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There are several reasons why many people are prone to express their solidarity to France, but not mentioning what happened in Beirut.  When I see some of my friends using this gimmick, I cannot blame them for expressing their solidarityö Sure, some people hypocritically use this gimmick while ignoring what is happening in many other countries. But let us not forget that as one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, many people have been here before, had beautiful memories and feel connected to France accordingly. Many of these people do not believe that other lives are worth less. But what holds true is that news media has predominantly reported about the terrorist attacks in Paris and much less about Kenya or Beirut, and many people have fallen oblivious to the fact that this is happening all the time. Moreover the war is now physically closer to us. 

I still remember when Facebook introduced the gay pride gimmick, in which the profile pictures could be displayed with rainbow colors. Once I checked some posts on Facebook after the terrorist attacks in Paris and in Beirut, I was even expecting that this gimmick will be used in dedication of the victims in France, which is a great way to express solidarity towards the french people. But there are many people who miss flags of various other countries that can be put on display.

The Boomerang Effect


Had the french government listened to the french people, things would probably have turned out differently. The majority of the french people opposed to intervene in Syria, but even a year before this poll came out, the french government violated a European embargo and sent weapons to the so called "rebels", as president Hollande recently admitted. The majority of the French people also opposes to receive as many refugees, especially after the Charlie Hebdo attack and the fact that it is not a secret that France is being targeted by terrorists. Now that civilians have been targeted, only more people will probably now oppose to receive refugees. 

Condolences from all over the world. Russia, although there has been an outrage in Russia due to the Charlie Hebdo caricature that disrespected the death of hundreds of people who died in an airplane that was targetted by terrorists. Just imagine a satirical magazine in Russia would make fun out of the terror attacks in Paris. Headlines were fast at reporting on how Assad said this is happening every day in Syria, omitting how he expressed his condolences to the french people. And no matter what one might think of the Syrian leader, it is not false that terror is happening all the time in Syria. Now imagine this would happen in Paris on a daily basis and imagine a part of these perpetrators had been labelled "rebels" or "moderate".

Unfortunately it was not surprising that one day we would face some backlash, and unfortunately it is not far-fetched to assume that there is more to come. Things will only get worse if we make quick judgments, start to generalize and not be united against terrorism, not to see through the strategies of fueling ethnic and religious hatred. It has happened so many times before. It feels almost embarrassing to me to write sentences such as "Islam is not Terrorism", because it should be so clear by now 

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