Where there is Chaos, there is Opportunity





George Soros, a US-based billionaire who has been involved in the maidan revolution in Ukraine, funded a NGO in Macedonia in times of unrest and funded a campaign in Western China to fuel hatred between Chinese and Muslims, stated that the European Union should take at least one million refugees a year.











pr aktion kadyrov lädt flüchtlinge in deutschland ein... wenn nix tun, meckern, ansonsten bloße pr-aktion



why so many people lie in the park, can they not have homes? Serbia is the only Eastern european country that allows so many refugees to come. and emigration

serbia the one country


Serbias population has dropped to more than 5% in the last 13 years... so many children, not used to.



auch abgestimmt mit dem großen Bruder russland, der Syrien unterstützt.





There is so much criticism about Germany, but how can we ignore the fact that Germany expects to take in 800000 refugees and probably even more? All European countries combined will not accept as many refugees as Germany. Cameron talks about a "moral responsibility", but plans to accept only 20000 in five years. 


Europa ist bisher, wenn es um Flüchtlinge geht, keine Union, sondern ein Egoisten-Konglomerat aus verschiedenen Nationen.

not what Eu is about, Germany praised, good reason... 800000... many people, especially the Germans themselves point out those who are against them, and though there are many reasons to crticize the german government and many shocking considerations that must be condemned such as bombing boats, with respect to welcoming refugees compare Germany with other countries.

If people criticize the refugees, they are either racist and should criticize other european leaders.

munich and berlin.


wie herzlich viele deutsche die flüchtlinge willkommen heißen, zeigt die tatsache, dass die polizei die bürger dazu aufgefordert hat, nicht zu viel geschenke mitzubringen wenn füchtlinge kommen










Many ordinary Hungarians are doing heroic work in offering a welcome to desperate Syrian families. But the official response from state and church has often been little short of wicked. And it feels like no coincidence that one of the great founding fathers of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, was born in Budapest.


In Ungarn wurden die Flüchtlinge irgendwann nicht länger durchgelassen, bis ein Pakistaner ums Leben kam und ene humanitäre katastrophe befürchtet wurde.


Ungarn beklagt, dass Deutschlands Willkommenskultur nur noch mehr Flüchtlinge anlocken würde. De Maiziere sagte auch, dass die Flüchtlinge sich nicht nach Belieben ein Wunschland aussuchen können. Deutschland ist durchaus auch aus ökonomischen Gründen ein bervorzuggtes Land, aber auch wegen den Möglichkeiten owie, dass es dort viele Verwandte gibt.




Hilfe der Uno lehnt Ungarn unterdessen ab. Die Budapester Regierung schlug ein entsprechendes Angebot des Flüchtlingshilfswerkes UNHCR aus. Sie sieht den Umgang mit den Flüchtlingen als „nationale Angelegenheit“.



The arguments for not accepting refugees are sometimes weird.


Hungary's prime minister has taken measures in order to prevent refugees to enter Hungary via Serbia by building a barbed-fence and making it a criminal offense, saying that:"Is it not worrying in itself that European Christianity is now barely able to keep Europe Christian?". What would the ruler of Ethiopia say when Mohammed and his disciples sought refuge and were protected by the Christian king, for helping the needy ones is what constitutes Christianity. 


diplomatic formulatios lack of experience in slovakia, actually an agrument for accepting refugees so Slovakia gains some experience in how to deal with people who flee from a war. If every country had always argued that they cannot accept refugees ecaue of the "lack of experience".

Xenophobic rhetoric has begun to pervade Slovak culture. Television ads depict a Slovak family rejecting foreign and diseased chickens, opting instead for well-bred domestic chicken.



Unfortunately, most of the people in the Czech republic would prefer it if the EU deported all refugees, according to  poll.



http://edition.cnn.com/2015/11/15/world/paris-attacks/index.html?sr=fbCNN111515paris-attacks0605PMVODtopLink&linkId=18770930        refugees


How the people feel


Aktivisten von Menschenrechtsorganisationen aus Serbien und Ungarn zerschnitten gestern symbolisch den Grenzzaun zwischen Serbien und Ungarn. “Wenn wir die Flüchtlinge wie Tiere behandeln, dann sind in Wirklichkeit wir die Tiere”, sagten die Aktivisten von No Fences in Europe und El Camino de Balkan gegenüber Medienvertretern. “Stoppen wir den Wahnsinn und zeigen wir Solidarität.” Milica Mančić Stojković, 





Orban argues that only more refugees will come if Germany continues to accept so many refugees.


Basically there are three reasons why Germany is the most favored place in Europe. Apart from having a good reputation in the troubled regions, many refugees have relatives in this country. Moreover, the social welfare benefits.



Denmark spend 30000€ for an advertising campaign in Lebanon to discourage people from coming to their country due to the restrictions and challlenges such as the obligation for refugees to learn the languages, no allowance of bringing family members for a year and not receiving much welfare benefits.



The Islamic World's dealing with Refugees


It is no surprise that countries such as saudi do not acceppt refugees, given that the refugees fled from terrorists who have been financed by individuals from Saudi-Arabia.... thus those countries only reinforce the view of critics that the leaders of those countries support the terrorists.

In the social network the "Islamic world" has been criticized because countres such s saudi, qtar and uae wont take any refugees at all. They forgot to mention that no countries have more refugees than Lebanon, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey. 2 out of the 10 million people living in Lebanon are refugees, which would proportionally be like 16 million refugees in Germany. article makes mistake to generalize and talk about "Arab countries", referring to egypt when saying "finally an arab country stands up"..... lebanon most refugees in the world and still refugees come. Rasmussen said Denmark was willing to accept 100 refugees from Germany “given the very special situation Germany and Europe is in”.    compare to lebanon






UAE who can afford to build the tallest building in the world, a sixth lane that is only reserved for Sheikhs and the biggest shopping mall in the world, but no refugees. While Indian or Pakistani workers remain foreigners because of their linguistic differences with Arabs, Arab migrants can communicate and influence local populations.


Naguib Sawiris, an Egyptian billionaire, tweeted on September 1 that he was willing to buy an island from Greece or Italy to “host the migrants” and not hold back on any financing needed to make it a permanent home. He even suggested that it can become a new country called Hope. (Though he also suggested it could be “at least temporary until they can return to their countries.”)



How the refugee flood helps IS


ISIS and those who covertly support them will be more than satisfied with this, also parts of those who want to weaken assad, because the more people leave, the more terrorists win. On the one hand it could trigger a brain drain, because in general often the educated people in particular tend to leave their countries even in peaceful times. This will harm Assad especially if most of the refugees are his supporters. brazil receives a small number of 2000 refugees, while Venezuela even accepts 20000 refugees despite his support for Assad. 

As some wikileaks cable has revealed, there are intentions to depopulate the Middle East territories, targetting the middle class, intellectuals and multilingual people.





ISIS has stated very clearly that all the region should be under Sunni leadership. And therefore those who won’t convert should leave and they have been pushing a lot of people to leave,” 

 ethnic religious and cultural diversity fr


Fear of Infiltration

There is a justified fear of infiltration. A Hungarian news channel reported on how pictures have revealed that two refugees were actually terrorists, albeit there are still conflicting views regarding their role in Syria. What has become clear now is that wrong accusations have been made, stating that they belonged to Daesh a.k.a "Islamic State", when he was a member of the Free Syrian Army, the oppositional forces that fight against Assad.


obsession with refugee behavior 


phones: refugees dont out of poverty flee, but from warzone. Many of them middle class income, many of them educated.


why can we accept that Egypt can have phones ubiquitous enough to ferment a revolution, yet act surprised when a wealthier country not too far away isn’t in a similar situation?






The welcome Culture


There have been many moments where I felt proud to be German. Let us not ignore how many Germans have welcomed the refugees, welcoming them with gifts and in many other ways.


Serda Somuncu, a comedian from Germany, was one of the many people who criticized the 'self-portrayal' of many people who express their feelings towards refugees. This does happen. There are those who may hope to collect as many likes as possible, to strenghten there ego etc. However, there are so many people whose intention is o inform others or to simply share their experiences or emotions, who often react impulsively out of anger for the way some people talk about refugees. Most decisively there are those, who welcome the refugees not just in a verbal way, but receive them in their houses, who provide them with food and clothes, and if you get too cynical because of some facebook posts, remember how many people truly support the refugees because they are compassionate and have a heart, but you may not perceive them as easily as the self-portrayers, exactly because those people do not portray themselves too much. 

An exgaggerated self-portrayal reflects how it is not a taken for granted thing to accept the refugees. If it was, people here would not need to be so expressive and euphorical on this issue and it would be in Lebanon, where there is less stress on profiling yourself, but the people are just being received and an attempt is being made to integrate themselves.  Somuncu is right, however, that there could very well be pending emotions and the mood could change  very fast. Nevertheless, this criticism is valid, one should not forget to focus on how we can directly help the refugees because for now it does not even matter if some people ocus on self-portrayal, it is still better thn those who reject the reugees. First and foremost, the people shoould be wecomed, lives should be saved. 

The German Government

The government has done a lot for the refugees. All European countries combined have not accepted more refugees than Germany.


But some potential policies are shocking and not consistent with modern German policies, as it has been discussed to militarily target refugee boats in order to prevent the refugees from using them to reach the European coasts. 

the nations that have sent most arms to syria have accepted the fewest refugees

Combined, the 8 countries that sent the most weapons to Syria since 2011 only accepted 2 percent of the refugees Germany has taken in. usa, euländer, kanada, russland, katar, uae, saudi,kuwait

(russlad aber nun betätigt, dass sie flühtlinge aufnehmen trotz der hundert tausenden flüchtlinge aus ukraine).










Eine größere Sorge stellen potentielle Terroranschläge dar.



Einersets werden die Flüchtlinge stark willkommen geheißen, andererseits gibt es 

Angriff auf Asylantenheime ist nicht zu ignorieren und zu verurteilen.




the causes and who caused it should have most refugees... US; UAE Saudi etc.


The Drowned Child

As the news spread that the dead body of a child was found at the Turkish cost, people expressed their sadness and disbelief in social media. Unfortunately, this is not an exceptional case, but this has been happening for years, but now that more and more refugees arrive in Europe, we see it more often in the media. Albeit very late, this picture has at least raised some awareness. All the debates on whether the father of the drowned child was linked to any criminal group was just absurd, because men, women and children have been drowning there for a long time and many people focused too much on this one case.











Eine Syrerin klagt an:

Die Menschen, die Sie in den Straßen von Belgrad auf dem Weg nach Deutschland oder Holland sehen, sind keine richtigen Syrer.

Lassen Sie mich diese Frage stellen: wenn der Westen will nicht, dass die Flüchtlinge auf hoher See sterben, warum hebt er dann nicht die gegen das syrische Volk verhängten Sanktionen auf, die uns schon 143 Mrd. $ gekostet haben?

Warum hilft der Westen nicht den Syrern nicht, die Heimat gegen die IS-Terroristen zu verteidigen und Syrien wieder zu einem sicheren Land zu machen?


In Syrien gibt es noch Menschen, die das Land wieder aufbauen können. Aber der Westen will Syrien und das syrische Volk brechen. Er will die syrischen Ärzte und die besten Studenten stehlen, und dies wird zu einer weiteren Abwanderung führen. Und auf der anderen Seite wollen multinationale Unternehmen billige Arbeitskräfte, niedrigere Löhne.

Bisher haben wir hunderttausend Soldaten, die gegen die Extremisten gekämpft haben, verloren. Ich habe nicht gehört, das der Westen diejenigen beweint, die ihr Leben gaben, um die Nation zu verteidigen, und er zeigt kein Mitleid mit den trauernden Familien und Hinterbliebenen, die dringend Hilfe brauchen.

Und auf der anderen Seite wird alles unternommen, den Menschen zu helfen, die aus ihrem Land fliehen. Viele von ihnen sind Dschihadisten und, was schlimmer ist, sie zahlen auch noch Tausende Euro für die Flucht.

Lassen Sie mich Ihnen sagen, dass das Geld, das sie ausgeben um zu kommen ausreicht, um ein Haus an einem sicheren Ort in Syrien für eine fünfköpfige Familie zu kaufen, und nmit einem einfachen Job gut zu leben.

Das sind keine Flüchtlinge. Es handelt sich um Wirtschaftsmigranten. Unsere

Küsten sind sehr gut bewacht, und nicht ein Boot Migranten startet hier.

Ein weiterer Grund ist, die Christen aus Syrien zu vertreiben, historisch ist Syrien eines der ersten christlichen Länder. Was wir heute in Syrien sehen, ist ähnlich dem, was Sie in Serbien vorher hatten.

Das Ziel: unsere Identität, unsere Einheit und Souveränität.
































And, as described in Leviticus, the consequences of such a failure are catastrophic: “But if you [Israel] will not listen to me and carry out all these commands … I will set my face against you so that you will be defeated by your enemies.” 






Precarious situation at the Greek-Macedonian border.

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