Nothing ventured, Nothing gained

After escaping a paralyzing routine through the "Emergency Exits", only more challenges started emerging, now approaching like a merciless flood. While new restrictions narrow the space of possibilities, some rather unorthodox measures may open new doors. Under certain circumstances, taking risks appears to be inevitable, as sometimes the refusal of taking risks can turn out to be riskier than the respective risk itself. Thus it is time to invest energy, thoughts, money and time itself in an effort to capitalize in long terms to ensure the perpetuation of what in the past five years may has reflected an uncertain goal in life, but a very certain way of living that shall lead to a goal of cognition. This time, a slippery path is ahead, with unprecedented challenges in the first part of 2015, and a still blurry second half of 2015, where a return to closer and more familiar places is most likely. 


While there are detailled plans regarding this project, the current plans also exhibit an irritating volatility in several aspects. There is much to gain, but also much to lose. And only one thing is for sure: In 2015, the stakes will be raised even higher in what shall be called the "Venture Capital Plan".


Not even 24 hours had passed after the completion of "Emergency Exits" until the next flight was booked and the grounds for project six were prepared. No big story here: There was this offer, and it just happened, like a reflex that forces you to move your fingers while typing letters and numbers on your keyboard in such a combination that you accidentally book a flight ... Okay, admittedly it was much rather a thoughtless moment of euphoria that can overcome a person, only to realize ones thoughtlessness right thereafter. In this case it became clear that the mission for 2015 is not going to be accomplished easily, to say the least, but at least the new project started taking shapes.


The most challenging phase of the upcoming project, and - I would dare to predict - of all travel projects so far, will arguably be the phase that is to be initiated in early 2015. However, before the great challenge in early 2015 begins, the project will kick off with a rather 'straightforward' destination. Months ago, a second flight was booked. The 'Start Up' of this project will make itself noticeable through a flag and a firework. It is with pleasure to include the next destination into the list of countries that have been visited so far.

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