The Roadmap to Heaven


November 2010



euphoria, I traveled around the world, highly motivated, but back in Germany I figured out that everything still kind of felt the same. The office where I was working was forced to shut down, the love story that I tried to escape found a bad ending, and the time just wouldn't pass, but the final exams in university were still ahead of me. The around the world trip was my emergency exit, gave me new inspiration, ideas and motivation. I asked myself how far I would go, but travelling around the world was not enough. I need to go further. Successfully graduating from university felt great for a short moment, as I was holding the certificate, once again I felt like I had proven to myself that I can achieve things. But what should I do with my life now? I had no idea what job I wanted to do.



The trip needed to be bigger, and it needed to be longer. In the midst of the around the world trip I already layed the foundations for a second travel project, promising my relatives in Pakistan that I will return next year. And after my stay in Sarajevo, my interest in the Balkan region has strongly increased. Meanwhile, watching the news media, my political awareness started increasing and I became more and more interested in the conflict between Iran and the United States of America. The media depiction on Iran and the fact that so many people around me naively believed certain headlines made prompted me to write many articles on Iran. In the university, I continued to visit courses in political studies. I was never a good talker at university, but maybe because I no longer felt any pressure to graduate, because I had already graduated, on one day I confronted a professor and his objects of analysis the issues between US and Iran. As the interest in Iran grew, I continued planning a second project. I knew that there are some places that I will return to, but also some new places in the Balkans that I have never seen. And I ran is right between the Balkan region and Pakistan.



A deal with God, to fast in the month of Ramadan, in the midst of my travel adventures. A promise to my relatives in pakistan to return, and a promise to myself that I will reach Pakistan without taking one single flight.



So where will you travel?“, my dad asks me, and I preferred not to mention Iran. I will go back to Bosnia and visit some other places in the Balkan region, and then I will be in Pakistan. My uncle from New York, whom I visited when the around th eworld trip started, gave me a phone call. He never scolds me, but for the first time he has a more serious tone while talking to me, telling me that I should not travel from Iran to Pakistan, because the border is a terrorist stronghold, and I should especially not take any buses, because buses are usually targeted by Jundollah, Tehreek-e-Taliban and other terrorist organizations.


Travel Projects

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VI.  The Slippery Path of Uncertainty (2015)

VII. Age of Turbulence (2016)

VIII. Against All Odds (2017)

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 X.  Home is Everywhere (2019)

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